Smart Parking Solutions

Compact PC type fanless / cableless controller that satisfies the needs of smart parking management solutions for unmanned parking management systems indoors and outdoors, including parking induction, unmanned settlement, and access control. It is an innovative solution that can be installed in a compact size that is not bulky in an environment where installation is limited, such as an unmanned guide system, an unmanned order system, and a digital signage. In addition, it supports high-performance CPU to enable integrated control of parking management. In addition, it is a solution that can be applied to smart remote monitoring systems and production management systems (MES) in manufacturing lines.

Various I / Os can be selected according to the usage environment, and up to 10 ports of serial port, 3 ports of LAN port, and 8 ports of USB port are provided as standard. Also, from the 6th generation i3 CPU to i7 CPU, it has the advantage of easy upgrade by simply replacing the CPU module.

Application Fields

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