IIoT Monitoring System

IIoT Edge Controller Monitoring System

Support Building a Trusted Smart Factory

Industrial 4.0 is revolutionizing in manufacturing environment. The meaning of factory automation is expanding to the application of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to machines and facilities to build smart factories that can collect, analyze and self-control process data in real time. In response, Yoi System developed IIoT Edge Controller Monitoring System that can collect, analyze, and monitor data from facility controllers. 

IIoT ECMS (Software) provides control and monitoring functions for the controller and database based statistics through iECM-1100 (Hardware). It also monitors the condition of the equipment to extract information from the platform. In addition, it provides a real-time monitoring function through various sensors and provides an alarm function when an abnormality occurs. Predictive maintenance system can be constructed to maintain stable controller status at all times and to prevent and prevent failures in advance. 

iECM-1100 (Hardware) is an compact size board that can be installed in an expansion slot or 3.5” HDD Bay and also compatible with other brand controllers.

Features and Benefits

- Compact size as expansion slot and be installed in 3.5” HDD Bay

- Real time monitoring of temperature, vibration and FAN status

- FAN speed control using PWM

- Convenient interface between controller and platform

- Database based storage, analysis and statistics support

- Extract system information and monitor CPU, RAM, HDD status

- Remote Power On / Off Control with Active Management Technology (AMT)

- Send / Receive via TCP / IP