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Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Information

Last updated: December 10, 2019

1. Personal Information We Collect
  • • (1) Personal information we collect
  • • Yoi System Co., Ltd. and its affiliates (“Yoi,” “we,” “us,” “our”) collect the following information when you set up an account or use our Services:
  • • – Email address and password when setting up an account;
  • • – Name, mobile phone number, date of birth, nation, education, school or company name to which you belong and position.
  • • You reserve the right to withhold your consent to the collection and/or use of your personal information. Please refer to our Privacy Policy on Yoi website (https://www.yoisys.com) for more detailed information. However, in the event that you find any discrepancy in contents between the Privacy Policy and this Consent, this Consent shall prevail.
2. Purpose of Personal Information Collection and Use
  • • We use personal information we have collected for the purposes of:
  • • - member management (member identification);
  • • - Seminar & training program operation (notice of seminar and training program including Participant identification, etc.); or
  • • - marketing (related marketing and promotional activities and work);
3. Period of Retention and Use
  • • We delete and destroy personal information without delay when its management purpose is achieved. However, we store personal information for a certain period of time if required by the applicable laws and regulations.