AGV System Solutions

By deploying Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) and Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems, factory owners can enhance operational efficiency and increase productivity. However, system stability can be a key concern. The nature of AS/RS and AGV systems is high mobility, which means that the stability of the wireless network and devices is a key factor when deploying reliable AS/RS and AGV systems.

With several years of experience deploying AGV and AS/RS solutions, Yoi System is in a position to offer solutions that can attain uninterrupted wireless connectivity for high-mobility equipment on your network.

Access Point Requirements

    - Provide higher processing capability to allow access points to reliably service more clients

    - Protect against electrical interference generated by factory equipment

    - Ensure wide signal coverage for wireless connection to clients

    - Keep systems up and running even in extreme temperatures

    AS/RS and AGV System Requirements for Clients

    - Reliable roaming performance for devices mounted on moving equipment

    - Protection against inrush current generated by onboard motors

    - Endure frequent vibrations when on the move

    - Keep systems up and running in extreme temperatures

    - Compact device with multiple interfaces to connect end devices

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